Primary Practice Areas

We are a general civil practice with a primary focus on several areas of law.

Social Security Disability/SSI
Whether you are seeking Title II Disability or SSI, getting those benefits when you need them most is not easy. Most cases will have to go to hearing, which can take 18 months or more. Statistics show that your chances successfully appealing your initial denial are improved by having an experienced attorney to represent you. We assist our clients in many ways throughout the process, from getting connected with free and low-cost medical resources for the uninsured in the area and makinging the most of agency questionnaires, to getting medical records together and, of course, preparing and representing our clients at a hearing.

We take cases from the initial application stage through the hearing stage. We do not accept clients who have already been denied by an Administrative Law Judge at a hearing after representing themselves or having been represented by another attorney, and are seeking a new attorney to file a Request for Review before the Appeals Council.

Corporate / Commercial
Starting and running a business is no picnic. Our firm helps individuals and small businesses with formation, contracts, employment issues, document review, advice on regulations and other legal matters, and more. Most small businesses neither need nor can afford in-house corporate counsel - our firm can provide all these services on an as-needed basis, whether for a single issue or providing ongoing legal support from an attorney who comes to know you and your business.

We generally do not handle business litigation. Our philosophy is to keep our clients out of the courtroom through timely legal advice before a long and costly legal fight becomes necessary.

Nonprofit organizations face the same issues as for-profit businesses in such areas as employment, contracts, and regulation. But they also must contend with unique challenges from special tax issues to record keeping and membership concerns. Their work is often done in part by non-expert volunteer workers or board members, increasing the likelihood that an issue may "fall through the cracks." We enjoy helping nonprofits stay current with requirements, as well as expand their organization and programs without running into legal pitfalls.

We are happy to provide single-issue assistance or ongoing counsel on as as-needed basis.